Sergej is a Macedonian painter who has exhibited and had residencies all over the world, bar the UK. The Cromarty Arts Trust was delighted to welcome this fantastically talented painter to the Highlands this summer with his family. Sergej will give a talk about his career at some time during his residency, and we will hopefully be exhibiting some of the work he produces whilst in Cromarty.

1960      Born in Skopje, Macedonia.

1985      Graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Skopje in 1985

1987/88 Scholarship from Galleria di Arte Moderna, Roma

1991      Scholarship in Nurnberg, Germany

1994      Study stay in Aarhus, Denmark

2002      Study stay Cité des Arts Internationale-Paris

2004      Study stay Acme Art Studio, Wilmington NC, Asolare Fine Arts Foundation,

Lexington, USA

1999      Study stay in Imadate Cho, Japan

2001      Study stay in Istanbul, Turkey

2005      Scholarship and Residence in Cromarty, Scotland

2009      Study stay in Alexandria, Egypt

2010      Study stay in Tunisia


Selected solo exhibitions:

1997     Skopje, Macedonia – City Museum of Skopje

1999     Imadate, Japan – Imadate Museum of Modern Art

2000    Fayetteville NC, USA – Fayetteville Museum of Modern Art

Paris, France – Cité des Arts Internationale-Paris

2002    New York, USA – Lincoln Centre – Cork Gallery at Avery Fisher Hall

2004    Frankfurt an Main – LHB Bank, Gallery New Europe

Salisbury, NC, USA – Waterworks Visual Arts Centre

2005   Wilmington, NC, USA – Simmons Wright Gallery

2007    Skopje, Macedonia – National Gallery, Multimedial Centre “Mala Stanica”

2008    London, GB – La Galleria

2012    Berlin, Germany – “Kultur Haus Spandau”

2013   Somorja, Slovakia – “Cultural Center”

Wilmington, NC, USA – Gallery 8”

2014   Ellwangen, Germany, Rathaus

2015   Ljubljana, Slovenia – Gallery “MKD”

2015   Moscow, Russia – “Margarita Rudomino, All-Russia State Library for Foreign Literature”


Selected  Group  Exhibitions.

1995    Nurnberg, Germany – Tausch-Rausch – Kunsthaus

1996    Sofia, Bulgaria – International Painting Biennial

2000    Raleigh, NC, USA – Visual Art Exchange Centre “No Boundaries”

2001    Istanbul, Turkey – 11th Istanbul Art Fair “Balkan Art”

2002    Thessalonica, Greece – State Museum of Contemporary Art, Costakis Collection:

European Contemporary Art of the Balkan Country

London, GB – Presentation of Shashoua Press Monograph: “Contemporary

Macedonian Artists”

Shenzhen, China – Museum of Contemporary Art “3rd International Ink Painting


2003     Paris, France – UNESCO, Gallery Miro ”L’Art Macédonien aujourd’hui”

Roma, Italia – L’Arte Contemporanee s.Michele 25 “L’Arte Macedone oggi”

New York, USA – Cork Gallery, Lincoln Centre “Rainbow over N.Y.C.”

2004     Hallsberg & Orebno, Sweden – 3rd International Exhibition “Lilla Europa”

New York, USA – Cork Gallery, Lincoln Centre “Macedonian Contemporary Print


Athens, Greece – Atinais Cultural Centre “Our Neighbours”

2005    Shenzhen, China – Museum of Contemporary Art “4th International Ink Painting


New York, USA – Cork Gallery, Lincoln Centre “Asolare Annual Show”

2007    Bari, Italia – Presso il Fortino

2008    Napoli, Italy – Casoria Contemporary Art Museum “Oversea – Art from


2009    Alexandria, Egypt – Goethe Institute Amala 2009”

USA – Sergej and his friend travelling exhibition

2010    La Marsa, Tunisie – Printemps des arts plastique de la Marsa

2011    Nurnberg, Germany – “GOHO”

2013    Passau, Germany – “Intersalon”

Schwabach, Germany – “Ortung 8”

2015   Sidi Bou Said, Tunisia – Gallery “Hédi Turki”

2015   Somorja, Slovakia – “DUNART 2015”

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